"Everyone told me that the next record has to to be bigger and better, to which I responded. ‘No. It has to be [even] more personal.’"

Lana Del Rey on Ultraviolence.

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"There are certain phrases that I know I will get shit for, but that feels very right for me. I sing, for example, ‘he hit me and it felt like a kiss,’ a feeling I love. You know when you think it’s love, but it’s so passionate that it becomes aggressive. It is an attractive quality to me. In a world where everyone is bored, I like people with emotion."

Lana Del Rey on Ultraviolence (via ldrakalizzygrant)

"It’s been so long since someone made me different"

Lana Del Rey (via carmengrant)

"Distance sometimes lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go"

Lana Del Rey  (via hefuckin)

"You have this way of making me say the opposite of everything I mean"

Lana Del Rey (via carmengrant)

I don’t really want to know what’s good for me…





One the BBC Radio 1 Show with Matt Edmondson he announced that Lana Del Rey’s new album ‘Ultraviolence’ will be released June 2nd

Does he mean West Coast or UV… and did he just mess up